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# 33 - Joan Choueifaty⎢Goodvest
Description of the episode
For this new episode of FinTeach, I welcome Joseph Choueifaty, the co-founder and CEO of Goodvest. Goodvest empowers savings. How? 'Or' What ? By making it grow thanks to products that combine responsible investment (really), search for yield and transparency. With Joseph, we talked about socially responsible investment (SRI), criteria for understanding the funds in which we invest as savers, as well as a major lobbying subject: the portability of life insurance. . This episode of FinTeach is brought to you by Bressst - with 3S for Smart, Sciences and Startups - Crédit Mutuel Arkea's sector of excellence dedicated to fintech. BreSSST is convinced that it is possible to reconcile economic profitability with a positive impact on society and the environment in financial services. The Goodvest model is proof of this, for example! In terms of resources, Joseph recommends the Reclaim Finance site, which is full of reports, as well as Monéthique, Goodvest's podcast on sustainable finance. You can also join their Youtube channel. Good listening !