#37 - Marie Janoviez | Caravel
For this new episode of FinTeach, discover the career of Marie Janoviez, co-founder and CMO of Caravel. Caravel is the supplementary pension that makes the difference for the self-employed. During this exchange, we notably mentioned the various entrepreneurial projects that Marie has launched, the changes that Caravel is making for the retirement of the self-employed, the need to be natively sustainable, as well as the glaring differences between men and women on the subject of retirement. Good listening !

2: 00 - 5: 50:
Samy's journey, his jack-of-all-trades side, remaining a generalist – different experiences – why entrepreneurship – relationship with authority

6: 10 - 10: 00:
genesis of the company + association – Olivier: met in engineering school – how the profession of their parents influenced the creation of their company (sons of doctors > liberal professors > not the structure of the company, did not have , for the most part, very personal financial networks around them). The complexity of finding information and understanding things for your situation. Access to financial products has been digitalized, but the approach to wealth management and advice has not yet been.

10: 30 - 13: 30:
what happened the first 2 years. Initial idea: create asset manager 2.0. Which products to include for a complete offer? Product agnostic. Create partnerships, develop the platform, set up the operational structure, recruit the team. Mid-2020 to end of 2021 before the official marketing of the first offer. 1 year live.

14: 00 - 15: 30:
regulation. Why did you choose to enter through the CIF? And future developments.

16: 15 - 18: 30:
partnerships. started with life insurance, the first product of the French. Apicil: top partner. Willingness to move quickly and give a chance. Created 2 products in 4 months. In the life of a company, especially at the beginning, velocity and agility are the most important.

18: 50 - 21: 50:
recruitment. BA – lifted. For recruitment. First for developers, with a product component. Started preparing the team / preparing for acceleration.

2: 20 - 27: 20:
corporate culture – onboarding / arrival of new people. Weekly meeting with all departments / building bridges between departments. Example of 4 Seasons.

28: 10 - 31: 40:
clients. Persona: person who begins to plan ahead and who begins to have a significant amount of money to invest, drowning in the face of information. Looking for a digital alternative to support. Private banking service.

31: 50 - 33: 23:
business model

33: 33 - 35: 19:
competition. Sort out all the competitors. Help them find the right platform. We have the best support, the best platform. Facilitate the research and subscription phase. A point of contact. Everything about the mm platform.

35:30 – 40:10:
announcement lifted. Objectives/mission. Commercial acceleration / product development in 2023.40:45 – 43:18: entrepreneurship assessment / entrepreneurship lessons. Weight/importance of managing a team.

43: 50 - 45: 30:
Youtube recs. General resources/content.

45: 45 - 48: 00:
fintech inspiration. Wealthsimple. CEO in particular. Product positioning / brand positioning. Never forget that our competitors have 150 years of history. We need to find other ways to inspire trust, that people connect with the brand.

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