Generation Do It Yourself
# 176 - Benoit Grassin - Pixpay - Evangelize, fight, perform and start over
Description of the episode
Before Pixpay, Benoit Grassin co-founded MonDocteur. After having fought an intense commercial battle with its competitor, Doctolib, it ended up making probably one of the most beautiful exits of the web by selling Mondocteur to them in 2018. How to evangelize a market? How do you make a person realize, without feeling the need, that the service you are selling will considerably improve their life? This challenge, Benoit Grassin seems to master it to perfection. He is not at his first attempt with his new company Pixpay and for good reason! At the time, it was a question of selling a software of practice management and appointments online, today with Pixpay is at stake to revolutionize the banking experience for young adolescents. Said like that, I couldn't see how. If we take young people who have a bank expense of barely 50 € per month even, I do not see how a bank commission of almost nothing can be worth much. And finally, Benoît convinced me! He is passionate about this subject of fintechs among adolescents, the “old boomer” as he likes to say. Pixpay's ambition is to bring a new banking experience, dedicated exclusively to young people, from subscription to use. We are talking about money, the education of money and especially the evangelization of the markets. How to find virtuous and inexpensive acquisition mechanisms thanks to marketing and sales strategies? Fascinating.

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