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# 179 - Geoffroy Guigou - Younited Credit - Lending more, faster, stronger, thanks to tech: billion objective
Description of the episode
Geoffroy Guigou - Younited Credit Banks will not innovate, will not digitize, they will not change the financial products they market or the way they market them. In 2009, Geoffroy Guigou had a vision: while the word fintech hardly exists, it is certain that the banks, even though they are going through a financial crisis, will not change their habits in the years to come. With his partner, Charles Egly, they say to themselves that they are going to transform the credit sector. On paper, nothing really very selling: a regulated, complex sector with enormous barriers to entry and a field of activity that has a bad image. Ok, but Geoffroy has a taste for a challenge. Tackling colossi is a great challenge. More than that, their desire to achieve the objectives they set for themselves with Chares and to get all the employees involved in this adventure is obvious. 02:04:31 We, as founding leaders, we project a vision, we inject energy into the company to put the box under tension and tell it that the heights that it is aiming for, it will be able to reach them 02:04:50 Geoffroy has crazy ambitions and it is amazing to see how calm and thoughtful he is. He knows where he's going and how he's going. With Charles they embarked on a huge project, a European personal credit giant.

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