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Financial solutions dedicated to finance professionals

Focus on fintech at the service of the professions of the financial industry.
Risks, compliance, products, operational efficiency, processes, data:
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To control your risks and be in compliance

AfterData is a fintech specialized in the automation of the detection and treatment of market abuse in accordance with the MAR / MAD II directive.

AML Factory is a Compliance-as-a-Service platform providing an augmented Compliance officer to manage all obligations in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
Archipels uses blockchain to build a trusted infrastructure and develop services and applications around digital identity.
ARIADNEXT develops fully automated digital solutions based on artificial intelligence and offers companies the opportunity to instantly build relationships of trust with their consumers.
Astrée Solutions - BeCLM solutions guarantee digitalization of your procedures in accordance with current regulations.
ComplyAdvantage is a solution publisher specializing in transaction monitoring (AML / CFT, corruption risks as well as all other financial crimes).
eID offers a solution capable of identifying a user in seconds, with the same level of technical and legal security as a face-to-face physical identification process.
Ledger is the world leader in security solutions for cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stable coins, CBDC, etc.) and blockchain applications.

Netheos offers a "Trust and sign" solution, which streamlines and secures regulated customer journeys, such as those of banks and insurance companies.

Onfido enables its customers to verify the identity of their users around the world and reduce fraud through its identity verification and biometric authentication solutions based on artificial intelligence.

Raise Partner is an editor specializing in risk analysis and portfolio optimization for the financial industry.
ShareID enables businesses to make sure the person behind the screen is who they say they are in seconds, using its deep learning and computer vision algorithms.
Sis ID supports companies in their fight against bank transfer fraud thanks to its collaborative platform, designed by financial directors and treasurers.
Stacktical publishes a risk management protocol on the blockchain, allowing developers and infrastructure managers to reduce their users' exposure to uptime, downtime and financial loss.
Trustpair supports the financial departments of large groups and mid-sized companies to thwart transfer fraud, thanks to the verification of bank details of third parties and the security of their payments.
ubble is an online identity verification service, which uses artificial intelligence and video capture to provide a face-to-face solution.
VIALINK offers solutions that automate, secure and enhance the reliability of critical and complex customer journeys across all channels thanks to digital technology.

To become the kings of data

Bridge is an open banking solution that aggregates, standardizes, enriches the processing of financial data and initiates transfers securely in professional applications..

Budget Insight is a player in the aggregation of financial services, helping its clients to exploit the potential of open banking and beyond, to innovate and create the experiences of tomorrow.

CDLK is a fintech, specialist in the transformation of payment data and bank cashback solutions (CLO - card linked offer).

Homiwoo specializes in big data and artificial intelligence: fintech provides prices, rents and financial indicators for real estate funds and financial institutions.

Invest Insight is a tool for processing of unstructured financial and extra-financial data which takes the form of an intelligent search engine, connected to the manager's data sources & subscriptions.

INVYO is a platform that combines semantic analysis and algorithmic learning to enable companies to create value by analyzing their internal and external data.

Linxo Group - Oxlin develops account aggregation (AIS), payment initiation (PIS) and personal finance management (PFM) solutions, whose APIs provide a single point of access to financial data with highest safety standards.

Opensee enables financial institutions to operate 100% of their data stored, giving business users a greater view of their data and revealing opportunities to more effectively meet the demands of their business and regulators.

Paylead offers smart loyalty programs for banking apps, creating a new shopping experience for customers by adding relevant rewards, while developing a new revenue stream.

QuantCube Technology's flagship product is the estimation of economic activity in real time from the analysis of big data data, i.e. data from satellites, social networks, maritime traffic. and air, etc.

Qwead is positioned on “real time data for profit”: a suite of turnkey software solutions that harness the power of AI for real-time optimization, cash flow, strategic and non-strategic business purchases.

Scaled Risk is a big data SaaS platform that enables data management by focusing on meeting critical business needs.

To launch new products with ease

Bizao is a fintech with a telecom DNA whose goal is to accelerate digital payment in Africa. In particular, it allows insurance companies to digitize the collection of premiums via mobile money payments and the repayment of indemnities.

Mipise is a fintech specializing in the development of technological tools for the financial players of tomorrow, who wish to initiate their digital transition to gain in efficiency, productivity and respond to new uses.

Particeep offers a Rest API consisting of out-of-the-box banking and insurance micro-services, as well as white-label financial services online distribution solutions.

TagPay offers a cloud-native Core Banking System (CBS), which enables financial institutions to imagine, configure and integrate new products or new user experiences.

Treezor is a fintech specializing in white label payment services whose services cover the entire payment chain via its API.

Zelros is a software publisher that develops artificial intelligence for insurers.




Algoan offers "Credit Decisioning as a Service" to help lenders make the right decisions throughout the credit lifecycle, from granting credit to collection.

Younited Business Solutions brings the best of business credit: a state-of-the-art user interface to facilitate access to loan services and embrace the transparent payment methods of tomorrow.


Savings and investment


Active Asset Allocation is based on a proprietary methodology and artificial intelligence to design tailor-made investment strategies taking into account objectives and risk management.

Feefty is a multiservice platform dedicated to structured products which allows finance professionals and institutions to create their own product in total autonomy.

Iceberg Data Lab is a fintech that develops assessment tools and provides environmental data solutions to financial institutions.

Neuroprofiler offers an ESGprofiler, an investment game to assess clients' preferences in terms of sustainable finance in order to develop and promote ESG products adapted to their values.

PrimeRadiant is a B2B2C savings management robot, whose application is intended for private management providers.

WeeFin offers the ESG Connect platform, a SaaS for ESG investment, which democratizes SRI by connecting data, teams and financial services.

Wesave specializes in the distribution of savings products and the development of digital solutions for wealth management advisers and individual clients.


Payment options


Antelop supports banks and helps them digitize their customers' cards, manage tokens, secure their applications and easily launch Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Dejamobile is a fintech specialized in software solutions for transactional services on mobile.

Nuapay offers versatile and innovative payment solutions offering efficient and integrated services ranging from instant transfers and direct debits, to Open Banking.

To facilitate your operational activities

73 Strings designs and develops software solutions incorporating AI algorithms that make it possible to identify acquisition targets, to monitor and recurrent valuation of investments.

APPI is a consulting company specializing in the digitization of customer journeys and digital transformation in the broad sense.

Aston iTF is a customized SaaS collection automation and credit management solution.

Credito is a web platform for credit brokerage, which allows brokers to build files, study feasibility, make loan simulations and send loan applications to banking organizations.

Eloa is a digitalization platform for credit, insurance and real estate pathways marketed in particular to credit brokers, real estate professionals and credit institutions.

Invivoo offers the XComponent platform for enable CIOs to better serve the strategic and operational objectives of the company's business lines.

iPaidThat allows accountants to digitize their firm with its automated, simple and collaborative pre-accounting tool.

KLS is a B2B software publisher that provides banks, through a service hub, with digital tools intended to simplify, automate and secure their internal processes.

Lidix's platform optimizes the user experience in life insurance: their modules integrating AI offer courses that meet customer expectations and allow teams to work better.

Lingua Custodia helps financial institutions spend less time and money on translation and communicate more quickly and efficiently with their clients thanks to their expertise in machine learning applied to financial translation.

Meelo is a solution that combines open data and artificial intelligence to secure fraud and bad debts, while maximizing a profitable business.

Nüag is a complete solution covering the entire scope of needs related to the preparation, maintenance and monitoring of governance bodies to meet the needs of technical and regulatory process automation.

OneWealthPlace develops digital solutions for wealth and asset management using cutting-edge technologies: machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain.


Pono equips credit players, SGPs and lawyers with a SaaS solution allowing them to set up and effectively manage credit guarantees (trust, pledge, collateral, etc.).

With Finspot, Pretto supports banking and real estate players to accelerate their digital transformation and optimize the support and processing of mortgage projects.

Testamento develops innovative digital journeys that enrich the commercial approaches and services of professionals in the savings and life insurance market, from pre-sales to customer relations, up to loyalty.

Turbopilot publishes software and web-based management tools that improve productivity and stimulate the growth of accounting firms.

Utocat offers software called Catalizr that simplifies, speeds up, and automates banking and insurance services using RPA technology and blockchain certification.

To simplify the daily life of your support functions

From paperless invoices to reimbursement, Expensya automates every step of the expense management process for all businesses regardless of their size.

FinStart is the marketplace for companies in the financial industry looking for consultants in finance, accounting, risk and compliance

Jenji offers expense management, lump sum, and business expense management solutions designed for medium and large businesses. offers solutions for calculating pensions and inheritance costs.

NessPay unlocks the potential of employees by offering them pay on demand.

Rosaly helps companies improve the financial well-being of their employees by improving access to wages and providing advice and budget education using an app.

Sapiendo provides professionals in the banking and insurance sector with innovative consulting and retirement calculation solutions.

Spendesk has developed a business expense management solution that brings control, visibility and automation to finance teams.

Stairwage improves the financial well-being of employees by digitizing payroll installments, without having any impact on the company's cash flow.

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