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💠 The champion's recipe?

April 7, 2019 | grandstands

By David Douillet, Director of the Strategic Committee, LinkSport, Olympic Champion, former Minister of Sport

Tribune published as part of our annual event #Fintech R: Evolution • DESTINATION: EXCELLENCE 🏹 • RDV Tuesday April 9, 2019 - 12:30 pm - Station F # FFT19

If it existed, it would still be necessary to succeed in achieving it. Who has never missed a cooking recipe? And in a sense, so much the better. Because after all if the competition were won in advance, if the line was drawn, there would be no stakes and therefore the pleasure of surpassing oneself would be totally altered. Let it be said, defeating Mount Olympus and achieving world conquest remain atypical objectives.

However, one can be champion in many fields and I know that there are exploits much less publicized but no less rewarding for those who accomplish them. In the world of entrepreneurship, for example, where there are many parallels with the world of sport. Passion, courage, perfectionism, sharing, mutual aid, work, goal setting are pieces of DNA common to these two universes.

Just like a top athlete, an entrepreneur needs to take up challenges, the ambition to always go further, the support of supporters encouraging its efforts, of a technical team accompanying it in its preparation, celebrating together the achievements achieved. And then sporting activity necessarily generates risks, just as the entrepreneur must take. Entrepreneurship is an invitation to give the best of oneself.

But walking towards your limits and striving for excellence does not necessarily mean being the first. "The important thing in life is not the triumph but the fight". True to my values, I have chosen to use my experience with today's entrepreneurs who invest in the field of sport.

Initiatives such as LinkSport Capital, an entrepreneurial investment fund managed by 123 IM and specialized in the field of sport are among these initiatives that I am happy to support. Especially since it allows me to carry out another fight: that of making athletes aware of their after-careers and giving them the keys to successfully retraining in a field that fascinates them. What to play overtime in a way.



Find David Douillet April 9 at Station F during our annual event Fintech R: Evolution with the theme this year Destination: Excellence.

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