The fragmentation of French fintechs in a more difficult environment

October 18, 2023 | Publications

The study observes in particular the proliferation of investment platforms that are increasingly diversified and accessible to the general public in the areas of real estate, unlisted assets, luxury assets and agricultural land. The panorama also shows the progression of offers aimed at VSEs and SMEs and investment funds, as well as a trend which seems to be emerging towards the platformization of inter-company services in "B to B" with the enlargement significant of the offer to businesses, and the integration of partner offers.

The panorama also notes the strong development of segments such as web3 (blockchain, etc.), insurtech, or impact finance. In terms of technological levers, fintechs use artificial intelligence in particular to support customer acquisition, for risk management and interactions with users. These platforms are also increasingly using models allowing recurring revenue, SaaS and subscription.



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