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FinTech: When supply meets demand for a better shopping experience

July 10, 2020 | grandstands

MasterCard is partner of France FinTech and many fintechs. Alexandra Zana, gives us her analysis of current trends through this forum.

Innovative and disruptive fintechs are shaking up all sectors of finance. This is the case, for example, in the dematerialization of payment, where, in an increasingly demanding market that creates value for the customer, fintechs offer innovative and differentiated offers with a common objective: the improvement and simplification of the customer. user experience by offering a seamless and transparent service.

Their specificity is the disruption of the act of payment to the point that today, we no longer speak only of fintechs, but also of paytech or retail tech (such as Klarna, Dejamobile, Treezor). The value moves from card issuance to acceptance / deed of payment. Conversely, fintechs traditionally positioned on acceptance are embarking on card issuance (let us quote on this subject the French moon card et Paytrip, or the Dutch Adyen and the Londoner sum up). The two worlds of card issuance and acceptance (two historic Mastercard businesses) complement each other to offer a unified and enriched payment experience.

Among them, the neo-banks are a reflection of today's world where the user / consumer demands a greener economy, greener mobility, social and financial inclusion for all and the establishment of education. financial support for young people, among others.

Record fundraising by French fintechs attest to their good health, with 699 million euros raised in 2019 and already more than 455 million euros raised for the 1st quarter of 2020. It is interesting to note that the Banking / PFM services category is, for the moment, the most important in terms of value (38,3%), followed by payment services (22,6%), a sign of strong traction for these two sectors of activity, which reveals the market's appetite for their innovative solutions. Let us quote for example Qonto, a neo-bank dedicated to professionals, which in January raised 105 million euros - the largest operation to date for a French fintech - or even Spendesk, in the professional segment, which raised 35 million euros in September 2019.

To support the development of fintechs and meet their essential challenges of agility, speed and technological innovation, Mastercard has established itself as a privileged partner of fintechs in France and in Europe. 

We are constantly adapting our processes and solutions to shorten and simplify the time to market for fintechs. This is particularly the purpose of the Fintech Express program, the launch of which we announced at the beginning of June. We also support fintechs at all their stages of development, from start-up to international expansion, in many forms - For example, our in-house consultants, Mastercard Data & Services, help our clients to develop, to optimize their activities with, for example, the implementation of marketing campaigns and communication actions or assistance in defining value propositions. We also offer international opportunities through our Start Path program.

We have also surrounded ourselves with partners of choice in the fintech ecosystem. As such, Mastercard is a partner and founding member of the incubator The Swave. We are also delighted to count among our privileged partners the Paris Fintech Forum and France FinTech, which allow us to continue to cultivate innovation, support the digitalization of the economy and constantly work to improve user payment experiences.

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