A hard time
Louis Chatriot - Alma: Simplify purchasing by reinventing payment
Description of the episode
Help merchants get paid in installments by their customers? This is the challenge that Louis Chatriot, founder of Alma, a payment service in installments, took on. 💸 However, if Alma is a success today, the path to get there was not always obvious. A graduate of Polytechnique, Louis began his career as a consultant, but quickly realized that the setting did not suit him. Without waiting, he launched with friends into an ambitious project: summarizing the internet. From this idea was born “tldr”, a site where a community of nearly 50 people summarizes articles. Despite the enthusiasm, the co-founders quickly decided to put an end to this adventure and sold their company in order to devote themselves to other projects. Always looking for a challenge, Louis refuses an offer to work as a boss in France at Stripe. Convinced that he has more to learn from a less developed company, he joins Local Motion, an American start-up producing boxes to control the opening of cars remotely. What follows is an adventure full of twists and turns punctuated by the installation of electronic sensors to monitor fleets of business vehicles. After a final struggle leading to the closing of the company, Louis seeks more stability to continue his learning. He found stability at Stripe where he became a Business operator. After having fully invested in launching a business in Italy, Louis, who is full of energy, embarks on a completely different adventure: the creation of a new company. He then founded Alma, a payment service in installments which simplifies purchasing and allows its users to move upmarket while purchasing without waiting.

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