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Editorial Newsletter, Education & Community - Content Superstars #6 Saskia Fiszel (Virgil & Spoune)
Description of the episode
Podcast episode March 19 1 h 3 min Description of the episode She is the COO and founder of Virgil, but she is also the creator of Spoune, the newsletter to become “money smart”. I welcomed Saskia Fiszel to Content Superstars to talk about editorial newsletters, financial education and community. For years I have religiously read Spoune, Virgil's newsletter, a real estate co-financing solution allowing young professionals to buy their main residence. Quality editorial newsletters are rare, and even rarer are those that last. 4 years and 70.000 subscribers later, Spoune has a new edition every 2 weeks to decipher financial education. As a fan from the beginning, I wanted to ask Saskia (from Spoune) all the questions I always wanted to ask her. Result ? A comprehensive and informative episode that dissects the ingredients of a successful brand newsletter.

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