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Publication of a white paper dedicated to the Augmented Advisor

January 31, 2017 | Press Releases

Paris, le 14 janvier 2020

After having published in 2019 a White Paper dedicated to French Regtech, Julhiet Sterwen, transformation consulting firm, and France FinTech, the professional association of French FinTechs, today unveiled their White Paper dedicated to Augmented Advisors. Enriched by exchanges with financial institutions, CNP Assurances, Financo, Societe Generale Private Banking France as well as'IBM Watson, and FinTechs positioned on the subject, this White Paper explores the challenges of augmented consulting in detail.

The democratization of technological tools inevitably leads to the automation of a growing number of tasks. For financial institutions, this is rather good news. They can now mobilize their teams on operations with higher added value. Among these, one activity stands out: advising clients, at the heart of strategic issues in the financial services industry. 

Today, customers no longer compare banks and insurance companies only with each other. Their new stallion? The GAFA. The dimension of advice and customer relations is therefore becoming more and more essential. However, the interviews carried out within the framework of the study confirm that the consulting offer offered to clients remains relatively limited and mainly concentrated on the most upscale clientele. At a time when clients are withdrawing from exclusive relationships with their bank or insurance company, and going to branches less and less, it is vital for financial institutions to rethink the advisor - client relationship.  

To what extent can the technological solutions offered by FinTech assist the advisor? What functions to entrust to a robot? Which, on the other hand, require maintaining the relationship with an advisor? 

Discover, throughout the White Paper, reflections and testimonies on the following subjects:

  • The contributions of FinTech in terms of productivity, knowledge and customer experience  
  • HR and organizational issues 
  • The support necessary for these developments 

In the longer term, technological developments and factors linked to client expectations likely to impact the advisory profession

For Guillaume Andreu, Associate Director Julhiet Sterwen“The physical counselor is not about to disappear in favor of “100% self-care” because it brings trust and expertise, values ​​that are difficult to digitize. One of the organizational challenges therefore consists in precisely defining the aspects of the profession that require a “flesh and blood” adviser. Technology brings value to the adviser in capturing commercial leads and all the tasks of the pre-contractual phase, which consume a lot of time and documentation, but the role of the adviser remains essential for the contracting phase stricto sensu.”

Many FinTechs are positioning themselves on these issues, in order to best support the development of enhanced consulting within financial institutions. Eleven of them present their solution and value proposition.

Alain Clot, President of France FinTech, comments: 
“Consulting is at the heart of the strategic issues of the financial services industry. In this area as in others, fintechs play the role of spur, offering a whole range of innovative services and combining their know-how with that of large financial institutions, in a fruitful hybridization. »

Aboute Julhiet Sterwen
Quickly becoming one of the leaders in transformation and innovation consulting, Julhiet Sterwen advises and supports organizations to help them adapt to economic, digital and societal changes. Its action focuses on the 4 pillars of transformation, business, people, agility, digital, thanks to its integrated and seamless model, unique on the market. Julhiet Sterwen embodies “Consulting for Good” and considers having to generate a positive and lasting impact in all of its actions.
Key data: 450 employees, 65 million turnover, more than 1000 customers, growth of + 50% in 4 years. Active in more than 40 countries, notably with its network, The Transformation League. Holder of the Happy @ Work label. Holder of the BPI Excellence label of BPI France. Founding partner of France FinTech. Best Firm 2019 (Ranking by Capital magazine) | Twitter | LinkedIn 

Contact - Julhiet Sterwen
Judith Déprez - Communication Manager
06 21 32 31 30 /

Press contact - SuPR Agency!
Celine Pardo
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About us France FinTech
Created in June 2015 on the initiative of entrepreneurs, France FinTech is a non-profit association whose mission is to promote excellence in the sector in France and abroad and to represent French FinTechs to public authorities, the regulator and ecosystem. It brings together French FinTech, AssurTech and Regtech with the potential to become European or global leaders. All the players wishing to support this movement and be recognized as an integral part of the ecosystem have gathered around the start-ups: technology companies, investment funds, law and consulting firms, banks, insurers, industrial companies, public or associative entities, etc. The association is chaired by Alain Clot, and Kristen Charvin is its General Delegate. The Bureau brings together the founders of ANAXAGO, BANKIN, EPSOR, FLUO, LEDGER, LYDIA, OCTOBER, XAALYS, YOUNITED CREDIT. | Twitter | # FFT20 | LinkedIn | Facebook | Youtube 

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