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Everything that artificial intelligence will change in your business

April 3, 2020 | Publications

Article on Artificial Intelligence, published in Capital Management by Marie-Madeleine Sève 


Within five years, your job will evolve towards a hybrid form, mixing your work with that of the robot. From the simplification of tasks to their enrichment, decryption of the roles assumed by the AI.


Professions in the banking, insurance and finance sectors are today the first to be affected by the appearance of AI. France FinTech, with the consulting firm Julhiet Sterwen, devoted a white paper to them, released in January, entitled The augmented advisor 2020which highlights the emergence of a "hybrid" model, combining human and technology advisors. Crucial question: what aspects of the job of adviser can be entrusted to a robot? And which, on the contrary, must remain the prerogative of the adviser in the flesh? A “division” of responsibilities that concerns all AI experts in business today, regardless of their field of activity.


A digital butler

First of all, you are, or will be, relieved of time-consuming daily tasks thanks to a "digital butler" according to the expression of François Debois, innovation manager of the Cegos group (training). In addition to managing emails by keywords, scheduling meetings with room reservations, organizing appointments, managing agendas simultaneously, booking train or plane tickets, resolving breakages -head of leaves and schedules ... the AI ​​will make it easier for you to work with your employees or clients abroad.


“Augmented” employee or manager

A notch higher, a duly "fed" and trained robot will be able to provide you with real decision-making assistance, which varies according to the position you hold.


The essential emotional intelligence

Another consequence of the hybridization of professions: you will have to develop interpersonal and behavioral skills that you are not necessarily used to.


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