[Fipto] International growth, instructions: good cash management practices

🚀 Are you looking to expand internationally? Excellent news ! This is the sign of a healthy business. However, this comes with new cash flow challenges. Join us for an exclusive webinar during which our experts will share with you the best practices to follow to enter new markets, based on […]

[Stripe] What strategies to democratize expert investing?

10 Boulevard Haussmann 10 boulevard Haussmann, Paris

Join us for an exceptional morning in Stripe's Paris offices, in the presence of Paul Midy, MP for Essonne and recognized specialist in the startup world, as well as Evan Testa, co-founder and CEO of Roundtable. Intended for a community of business angels, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers, this event will allow discussions on how to democratize financing […]

Winter evening 2024 I January 25

The unmissable meeting of the ecosystem! As every year, this event will bring together nearly 350 personalities: entrepreneurs, decision-makers, representatives of public authorities, personalities from the world of innovation, journalists. By invitation 💌

[Qashflo] One-day payment: the new game changer for marketplace sellers!

One-day payment: the new game changer for marketplace sellers! The back-to-school webinar you won't want to miss! One-Day Payment ... Everyone's talking about it, but what is it? Which solution to choose? How to implement it? What are the benefits for you and your sellers? These marketplaces experts will share with you their […]

[Seyna] Affinity Insurance of the Future Webinar


2007, the iPhone appears. A few years later, 2.3 billion copies have been sold, dozens of industries have been turned around and our world has been forever transformed... Each year, our society evolves twice as fast as the previous year. And insurance is no exception! Our relationship to consumption and services is changing… our relationship […]

[Paymium] Bitcoinference

Artplexe Canebière Marseille 125 La Canebière, Marseille, France

Want to better understand Bitcoin and cryptos? Join us Friday February 2, 2024 for the second edition of the Bitcoinference, which will be organized in the city of Marseille! Following the success of the first edition held in La Baule on May 5, the Bitcoinference is crossing France. The Bitcoinference is […]

[Paris&Co] Call for applications 2024 for the Finance & Insurance program

Paris&Co is launching its call for applications to recruit the 2024 class of its program dedicated to fintech & insurtech with a real impact on financial services. Your innovative project responds to one of the following 7 themes: ✔Sustainable & social finance ✔Web3, DeFi, Crypto ✔Insurtech ✔ Lending, Financing ✔Payment, Neobank ✔KYC, Techfin ✔GenAI. THE […]

[Dear fintech Dauphine] Morning Fintech Chair: “Making environmental action verifiable”

The Chair, and its partners Mazars and Crédit Agricole CIB, are pleased to welcome Ramzi LAIEB (President of CARBONABLE) for a webinar on the subject: “Making environmental action verifiable”. Ramzi LAIEB is an engineer in Industrial Engineering by training with 10 years of experience in Supply Chain and Information Systems ex P&G, ex Coty, ex TotalEnergie and co-founder of […]

[Netheos] PVID decrypted: why and how to choose a service provider?

ANSSI has established the PVID “Remote Identity Verification Service Provider” certification benchmark, to secure identities managed by online service providers, in particular for the most exposed, banks, insurance, fintech and security services. trust, representing alone today more than half of remote identity verifications. The solutions […]

[Banque de France and ACPR] Challenge: Tech Sprint Generative AI for supervision

As part of the Suptech challenge, which follows the previous challenges on "Explainability of algorithms" and "MLB-FT Confidentiality", the objective is twofold: Identify, in collaboration with ACPR experts, the possibilities offered by generative artificial intelligence, notably LLMs, for French and European supervisory authorities. Design a prototype demonstrating the potential […]

[Source] Financial fraud in France: developments, impacts and solutions

Palais Brongniart 16 Place de la Bourse, Paris

The percentage of companies falling victim to serious fraud each year continues to increase. It is estimated that over the last year, more than $800 billion has been laundered (to give an idea, that's about $100 for every person alive on Earth!), and the cost of fraud has reached more than of 500 […]

[Dotfile] Approval procedures before the ACPR and the AMF

Everything you need to know about the approval procedures before the ACPR and the AMF Do you want to understand the subtleties of the approval procedures imposed by the ACPR and the AMF? Looking to effectively navigate regulatory requirements for your business? Join us for a webinar hosted by Julie Serrier, regulatory lawyer in the Banking division - […]

[Shares] Take part in the Daffodil Race against cancer

After the resounding success of our last edition, we are delighted to announce the long-awaited return of the Jonquille Race in 2024! Unite your employees around a great cause that concerns us all, the fight against cancer! The company undertakes to donate €1 per kilometer traveled to the Institut Curie […]

[Memo Bank] Cybersecurity: why are SMEs on the front line?

L'Appart Lafayette 12 rue Lafayette, Paris

Damien Damamme, the co-founder of Dattak, an insurance broker specializing in cybersecurity, and Jean-Daniel Guyot, the co-founder and chairman of the board of Memo Bank will answer the following questions: - What types of attacks do SMEs and ETIs face? are they facing today? - How to spot these attacks and what are the solutions […]

[Welii] Afterwork – IT, Cloud, SaaS

Paris Paris

An afterwork event organized by DoiT International, Welli and AMD which will bring together 60+ top profiles from the European tech sector. Among them are Aircall, Vinted and Brut, and many others. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss Cloud and SaaS cost optimization in a friendly atmosphere.

[Voxpay] Habitat connected days

Digital Habitat highlights digital at the service of housing during 2 connected days. March 20 will be hosted by round tables with inspiring personalities from Customer Relations, Innovation, Real Estate Management, etc. March 21 is dedicated to online conferences on digital innovations in the sector.

[The Banque de France] Round tables: Spring for start-ups (4th edition)

Auditorium 31 rue Croix-des-Petits-Champs, Paris, France

On the occasion of the national days of start-up correspondents, the Banque de France is organizing its fourth edition of the “Start-up Spring”. On the program: 13:30 p.m.: Coffee reception - auditorium area 14:00 p.m.: Introduction 15:45 p.m.: Break 17:00 p.m.: Conclusion 17:30 p.m. - 19:00 p.m.: Cocktail - Networking Different topics are on the program, such as […]

[Dotfile] Obtaining PSAN approval from the AMF: what options?

Find out everything about the techniques for obtaining PSAN status Do you want to obtain PSAN registration or approval from the AMF? Join us to discover the different options available to you. Arnaud Touati, Lawyer specializing in Crypto, Web3 and AI, accompanied by Vasco Alexandre, CEO of Dotfile, will share with you all his expertise on the subject. […]

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