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Monthly fundraising report - May 2021

June 4, 2021 | Barometers

Fundraising recorded in May prolongs the acceleration at the start of the year with € 312,7 million in 9 operations (i.e. an average ticket of € 34,7 million). The month shows:
  • the significant share taken by savings and wealth management services, which represent nearly a third of transactions in number.
  • the significant number of seed operations for average amounts in strong growth (4,6M €)
  • the series B transaction record (in one go): Agicap € 82M
For the first 5 months, cumulative fundraising for the year exceeded one billion (€ 1026,8 million) et already represent 124% of 2020. During this period, insurance tech confirmed its driving role with more than half of the amounts raised (53%) and an average ticket approaching € 50 million.
May recorded, it is true, the record operation of Shift Technology (183 M €).

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