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💠 Excellence, nothing less!

April 9, 2019 | grandstands

By Alain Clot, President of France FinTech 

Tribune published as part of our annual event #Fintech R: Evolution • DESTINATION: EXCELLENCE 🏹 • RDV Tuesday April 9, 2019 - 12:30 pm - Station F # FFT19

Friends entrepreneurs and partners of the fintech ecosystem, welcome to Station F for the fourth edition of FinTech R: Evolution on behalf of France FinTech!

Since last year, a lot has happened. Our start-ups continued to develop and seek critical mass.

To do this, they have raised 365 million euros in 2018, certainly still far from the amounts raised by American or British fintechs, but growing by 15%. The start of 2019 is, from this point of view, very dynamic.

They continued to conquer foreign markets, the majority of them already being established in another country. Their number itself has grown sharply (+ 25%), now standing at nearly 500.

The number is not everything, we now have around ten champions (including a unicorn) which appear prominently in European and world rankings.

Beyond these quantitative aspects, which are essential if they want to be able to effectively face competition from their American, European and Chinese counterparts in particular and to acquire the means to invest, they are resolutely committed to the search for excellence.

This word, often overused, almost incantatory, finds in our current projects very concrete translations:

  • in the efforts to increase the security of operations and data and protect themselves as much as possible against fraud.
  • in the work done on customer journeys and offers, which are expanding everywhere, made possible in particular by a increased use of data technologies and cognitive science.
  • in the emphasis on meaning, social utility and environmental concerns. In the matter, our fights are numerous and exhilarating, but sometimes still far from their goal, as is the case in the diversity project, in which let's face it, the situation is not satisfactory (x% of women in fintech and 10% of managers).

These are the themes and many others that we are dealing with today, around round tables and presentations by key figures in our ecosystem.

Happy R: Evolution 2019!



Find Alain Clot (@AlainClotFFTApril 9 at Station F during our annual event Fintech R: Evolution with the theme this year Destination: Excellence.

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