France FinTech publishes its position on PSR and DSP3

November 13, 2023 | News, Other, grandstands, Sector views

In response to regulatory developments on payment services proposed by the European Commission – a regulation (RSP) and a directive (DSP3) – discover the positioning of France FinTech and its members on these major texts. This work highlights the specific needs of the fintech sector in France to ensure that new regulations support innovation, growth, and competitiveness in a rapidly evolving market.
Key points of the position document:
  • Favorable reception of the DSP3 and RSP proposals by France FinTech.
  • European harmonization necessary for a clear and coherent regulatory framework.
  • Simplicity of procedures for better user experience and adoption of payment services.
  • Regulatory adaptability to support technological development and innovation.
  • Importance of data access in real time and the principle of parity to stimulate innovation in financial services.
  • Transition Support towards Open Finance to broaden access to financial services.
  • Encouraging the use of advanced technologies for fraud prevention and payment security.
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